The Enhancer Track

Develop more advanced digital skills by applying it to your project


The Enhancer track will give participants an opportunity to hone their digital and computational research skills with application to a current research project. Participants will have an opportunity to work one-on-one or in small groups with a mentor to learn more advanced techniques, tools, or practices in Digital Humanities or Computational Social Sciences.

The track is still under development, but we want to highlight other existing opportunities:


Researchers, students, and support staff who are already familiar with concepts related to digital and computational research will be prioritised. Participants will have to show that they will get support for joining this track via their supervisors or departments.

PRECURSOR: Python and R Study Groups

While we’re setting up a more formalised mentorship programme, we would like to give our community opportunities to continue learning an growing. Therefore we started a Python and R for Humanities and Social Sciences Study Group. Please join us there if you want to learn Python or R or if you’d like to support others in their Python/R journey.

Join us on the Slack workspace at the #learning-python or #learning-r channel to learn more or contribute.