Exploring Communities of Practice: Spotlight on rOpenSci

📣 Introducing our first community showcase. We're featuring rOpenSci, a vibrant community dedicated to advancing open science through collaborative development of R-based tools and resources.

Women in Digital and Computational Spaces: Meet Cosima Meyer

Welcome 👋 to our second community spotlight! We're introducing Cosima Meyer, a data scienctist and member of R-Ladies.

Women in Digital and Computational Spaces: Meet Bilikisu Olatunji

Welcome 👋 to our first community spotlight! We're introducing Bilikisu Olatunji, a data scientist and member of a variety of communities such as Abuja R User group, R-Ladies Abuja and rOpenSci.

ESCALATOR's Countdown to International Women's Day 2024: Amplifying Women in Tech 👩‍💻💥

Join us in celebrating the remarkable communities of practice and women making waves in digital and computational research! 💡

Digital Champions Initiative EMPOWER track launches

To coincide with Women's Month we launched the EMPOWER Digital Champions track this month.