Nonkululeko Dlamini

From Data to Impact: Building Transformative Skills in Data Storytelling



23 August 2023




Resources and opportunities for learning and teaching digital and computational skills


Data journalists and data storytellers are important for helping public audiences and policy actors understand and interpret data trends and research findings. Data Journalism Workshops aim to build data storytelling skills in different communities by providing community media houses with group training and direct support on the use of public interest data and access to relevant research content. Using technologies to enhance research and data storytelling, participants learn more about available resources and tools to support digital enhanced storytelling techniques.


I am currently employed at the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC) as a Research Assistant under the DSI-HSRC internship programme. And as a researcher, I possess expertise in developing and executing research projects, analysing data, and presenting findings to diverse audiences. I am part of a team that facilitates data journalism workshops which help recent graduates, journalists, and community media houses develop and/or enhance their capacity to effectively communicate research findings to help facilitate better informed decision-making.