Computational Research and Open Science Community Mentorship Indaba


ESCALATOR invites organisers of existing mentorship programmes to join us for a virtual Computational Research and Open Science Community Mentorship Indaba. The event aims to bring together experienced mentorship programme practitioners to share operational knowledge. The focus will be on community organised mentorship programmes for researchers rather than institutional/organisational initiatives. Organisers from five programmes will be invited to talk about their initiatives with each focusing specifically on one of the following topics (1) Programme content/mentee projects; (2) Pairing mentors/mentees; (3) Mentor recruitment/reward/support; (4) Measuring impact; and (5) Post programme support. Participants will be able to join smaller virtual discussion groups after the presentations. The breakout sessions will focus on the topics mentioned above. Each group will be responsible for note taking and will report back to the bigger group subsequently. Summaries from the session will be converted to a “Ten simple rules” paper and submitted to the Education section of PLoS Computational Biology. The journal has published over 1000 articles of this kind focusing on professional development in academia since 2005. A blog post will also appear on the ESCALATOR website and participants are encouraged to publish or otherwise share their experiences, for instance, on other social media platforms.

Apr 15, 2021 1:30 PM — 5:00 PM