Digital Humanities

Digital Humanities Association of Southern Africa - Virtual Conference 2021

DHASA intends to bring together both National and Internationals scholars in the DH domain covering applicable topics in the Humanities and Social Sciences arenas. The topics could focus on DH within the African and Southern African contexts, as well as on any topic related to methodological or computational aspects in DH.

Around the globe - July 2021

In this post we share some resources and opportunities from the local and global Digital Humanities and Computational Social Sciences communities.

The Human in Digital Humanities - Online Symposium, Tilburg School of Humanities & Digital Sciences

This two-day symposium brings together scholars from a range of disciplines, including Philosophy, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Cultural, Literary and Media Studies, Communication and Information Sciences, and Cognitive Science, to engage in a cross-disciplinary dialogue on these matters. The event includes a range of talks as well as a couple of interactive workshops on key methodological tools for Digital Humanities research.

Around the globe - June 2021

May and June have been busy months for Digital Humanities and Computational Social Scientists around the world.

Digital Humanities Summer Institute - Online Edition

All in-person courses, workshops, and featured speakers originally scheduled for DHSI 2020 and DHSI 2021 have been postponed to 2022 due to COVID-19, but we’re thrilled to be hosting several (free!) virtual offerings this June (7-11 & 14-18), including aligned conferences & events, online workshops, and institute lectures.

DH Colloquium - Digital Humanities and African Scholarship: Exploring Opportunities, Embracing Challenges

This presentation discusses how the academe and African scholars can explore new technologies to recalibrate their research endeavours and impact.

3rd Lagos Summer School in Digital Humanities 2021

The Centre for Digital Humanities, University of Lagos in conjunction with the Institute for Digital Humanities, University of Cologne organised the 3rd Lagos Summer School in Digital Humanities. This year's theme is "Reconfiguring research and scholarship in the human sciences: A technolgoy-driven capacity building initiative in sub-Saharan Africa"

ESCALATOR at Open Education Week

In the first week of March ESCALATOR featured at Open Education Week 2021. During the short presentation Prof. Menno van Zaanen and Anelda van der Walt briefly introduced SADiLaR and their new capacity and community building programme.

Join global DH Slack workspace and "#dh_africa"

The Digital Humanities Slack is a set of informal, connected chat rooms for the digital humanities, with over 50 "channels" (chat rooms) devoted to specific topics such as DH teaching, coding, and conferences.

Digital Humanities and Computational Social Sciences in Africa