DH OER Champions

The 2022 DH OER Champions intake include more than 80 participants from 14 South African universities! Successful projects will be shared here shortly! Read the press release. Contents Contents Introduction Programme aim What constitutes a DH OER?

Digital Champions Initiative

The Educator Track

The Embarker Track

WHAT The Embarker track will offer a more tailored experience to participants accepted into the programme. Content will be focused specifically on researchers and students who are quite new to digital and computational practices in research and learning.

The Empower Track

**Join our 8-step programme to grow your digital/computational skills as a researcher or postgraduate student in humanities, social sciences, and related fields. First event: 19 May 2022 @ 11:30 - 13:00.

The Empower Track 2021

WHAT To get this track started in 2021, we kicked off during women’s month (August) with a series of talks by women who are involved in tech communities and women who are using various forms of digital and computational skills in their own research and teaching.

The Enabler Track

WHAT This track is currently under development. If you would like to contribute, act as mentor or expert, or point us to useful resources, please get in touch! WHO The Enabler track is focused on the needs of people working in support roles, for example within faculties, the library, eResearch offices, or research support offices.

The Enhancer Track

WHAT The Enhancer track will give participants an opportunity to hone their digital and computational research skills with application to a current research project. Participants will have an opportunity to work one-on-one or in small groups with a mentor to learn more advanced techniques, tools, or practices in Digital Humanities or Computational Social Sciences.

The Explorer Track